Classroom Mythbusting

Teachers, now you can ramp it up in the classroom!  These MythBusting activities follow the STEM initiatives for your curriculum.

You don't need a high-tech workroom to be a MythBuster.  These hands-on experiments let you put myths to the test in the classroom, at camp, at home... just about anywhere.

Explore science the Mythbusters way! Now you can bring their signature mix of the scientific method, gleeful curiosity and elbow-grease ingenuity to your classroom with these experiment-based lessons and some easy-to-find materials!

This guide contains 10 hands-on, teacher-approved activities related to myths explored in Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition. Each activity includes nearly everything you need to get started: a question to investigate, the stuff you’ll need, a “how-to” guide and supplementary information about the science behind the activities. Use the Blueprint attached to each activity to record findings, then share your results online.

The Mythbusters’ Method starts here...

Wonder – What crazy questions can we ask?
Research – What is already known about those questions?
Guess – What do you think the answers are?
Test – Design experiments to answer the questions.
Discover – Test and test again…and break some stuff too.
Results – What did your experiments tell you?
Share – Shout it from the rooftops!  Make a TV show about it!

Note to Teachers: 

Each activity lists Tips for Teachers and the National Science Education Standards in addresses, making it easier to tie the experience to your classroom curricula.

Activities Introduction


Spin It

How does the shape of paper effect how it flies through the air?


Explore your four senses as you investigate objects you can’t see.


How fast are your reflexes?  Can you catch it?

Superhero Strength

Take your muscles to the max!

Wind And Rain

Race for the finish as you explore speed.

Practice Makes Perfect

Challenge yourself with a physical task.  Do you get better with practice?

Flip It

What are the chances?  Flip a coin and find out!

Tablecloth Challenge

Perform a death-defying feat - at least for the eggs - as you investigate inertia.


When you blow up a balloon and let go, why does it fly all over the place? How can you control its speed?

Stable Structures

Can you build a structure to withstand the elements?  What's the strongest shape?


Use these lesson plans to turn your classroom into a MythBusting workshop—for teachers, students and everyday MythBusters who are ready to ramp it up.

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Sure you tried it at home, but you can do better. Visit “Warning: Science Content” to investigate the science behind your results.