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Sometimes we’re having so much fun, we forget that all of this MythBusting is actually SCIENCE! Follow your curiosity and use the links below to discover more of the science behind the myths at MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.


Big Bad Wolf

Thanks to structural aerodynamics, little pigs living in modern buildings need not fear the huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf. An essential element in designing buildings, structural aerodynamics is responsible for energy efficiency, natural ventilation, structural integrity, energy production and overall safety.

To keep houses from being blown down, architects and designers use wind tunnels to test how their concepts hold up against oppressive blasts of air. On a larger scale, wind tunnels help us study the impacts and behavior of wind in and around cities. This research is especially useful to designers who construct buildings in areas that experience high winds, tornados, hurricanes and the occasional Big Bad Wolf.

Through this research—and through a great deal of trial and error—engineers and architects have found that certain shapes are inherently aerodynamic. Taking inspiration from these naturally-occurring windbreakers, some designers have incorporated these shapes into their constructions.

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