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Sometimes we’re having so much fun, we forget that all of this MythBusting is actually SCIENCE! Follow your curiosity and use the links below to discover more of the science behind the myths at MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.


Blind Driving

Engineers are currently exploring ways to get blind drivers behind the wheel and onto the road safely. To accomplish this, engineers are developing a multi-sensory feedback system that tells blind drivers which way to turn, when to slow down, stop, accelerate and other information necessary for safe, controlled driving called Non-Visual Interface Technology.

All of our senses play a role in driving. For blind drivers, engineers and roboticists are developing technologies that will use a system of laser range-finders that explore the road and let the driver know if there are any obstacles or vehicles nearby. Vibrations sent to special gloves worn by the blind drivers tell them which way to turn and when to slow down, speed up or stop. 

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