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Sometimes we’re having so much fun, we forget that all of this MythBusting is actually SCIENCE! Follow your curiosity and use the links below to discover more of the science behind the myths at MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.


Change Like a Superhero

Being a superhero takes a lot more than super powers and fighting crime—or even a super-cool pair of spandex tights. Does the ability to change from regular clothes into a snazzy outfit (that only a super-mom could love) a feat of superhuman speed and strength? Well, those factors certainly don’t hurt. But for the rest of us, changing from one outfit to another is a matter of coordination, accuracy, reflexes and a little planning.

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Meet the Mythbusters

Get to know the team that mixes the scientific method, gleeful curiosity and elbow-grease ingenuity in their own signature style of explosive experimentation commonly known as MythBusting.

Don't Try This At Home

We always say “Don’t try this at home”...until now. Here’s a handful myths for you to put to the test in your own workshop. So please, DO try this at home and let us know what you discover.


Use these lesson plans to turn your classroom into a MythBusting workshop—for teachers, students and everyday MythBusters who are ready to ramp it up.

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