Try This at Home

In typical MythBusters fashion, we’re pushing our experiments as far as we can.  In this case, we’re bringing them to your home!

For years we’ve told you to leave the busting to the professionals. But that’s all about to change. Every MythBuster has to start somewhere—and there’s no place like home. Our team has collected a handful of myths that can be busted in the comfort of your own workshop—without the need for explosives, catapults or a fire extinguisher.

When approaching any potentially-bustable myth, remember the MythBusters’ spin on the scientific method:

Wonder – What crazy questions can we ask? What’s the Myth?
Research – What is known already? What do other people say about your question?
Guess – What do you think the answers are? This is your hypothesis.
Test – Design experiments to answer the questions.
Discover – Test and test again…and break some stuff too.
Results – What did your experiments tell you? Busted? Plausible?? Confirmed???
Share – Shout it from the rooftops! Post it on our Facebook!


Now it's your turn - please, try this at home!

You can test these myths anywhere—at home, at school, in camp. You can do them alone or with your friends...the more data the better.

Make sure you record how you conducted the experiment, your data, conclusions, new questions, discoveries and ideas for new experiments to share on the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition Facebook page. We want to know!


Pirate Eye Patch

Do pirates wear eye patches because they all are mising an eye or are there some high-seas shenanigans at wok?  Discover how fast you can run an obstacle course -in the dark- if one of your eyes is covered by a pirate's eye patch.

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Sure you tried it at home, but you can do better. Visit “Warning: Science Content” to investigate the science behind your results.


Use these lesson plans to turn your classroom into a MythBusting workshop—for teachers, students and everyday MythBusters who are ready to ramp it up.

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